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EZOrderLink is a system integration, file conversion, data mapping and EDI tool.

Depending on your requirements, EZOrderLink can be used to provide a number of solutions.

Use EZOrderLink for EDI transactions, data file conversions or data importing into Netsuite via Web Services. EZOrderLink can also be used to drag and drop sales order or other data from your email or partners website directly into Netsuite via Web Services.

EZOrderLink can accept data from most any source and put that data into Netsuite, sales orders, customer records, invoices, purchase orders, acknowledgements, ship confirmations and more.

EZOrderLink can be used as an EDI tool or with most any ASCII or text based file. EZOrderLink can also connect to your partners via API's or Web Services. The configuration of the tool is part of the total deployment process.

Running as a standalone application on your PC, EZOrderLink can increase your productivity, reduce data processing expenses and all at a very low cost.

To learn more or schedule a web demo of this product, visit the EZOrderLink website.

Save Money — Reduce Manual Efforts — Eliminate Errors

Solution EZOrderLink
SuiteFlex Partner Name GIG Consulting
Categories application integration
Pricing 799.00 Seat License Plus integration cost — see site for details
Web site www.ezorderlink.com
System Requirements Windows / Internet
Availability Immediate
Trial See site for demo schedule or to set up a private demo.



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