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Integrate your NetSuite, Telephone, Business Systems, and Active Directory in one day with interAct. Our out of the box integration unifies all of your communications to improve the way you work. With a powerful and simple user interface this application helps you to achieve excellent relationship management!

With our simple UI you can bring together all your customer data (in real-time) into a sleek and unobtrusive desktop application. But don't be fooled. interAct is extremely powerful...

  • Multiple integrations to several applications
  • Cross Platform Contact Search
  • Click to Dial, Email, and Chat
  • Pop CRM Contact on Incoming Call
  • Presence and Chat
  • External Integration
  • Auto Insert Activities to CRM
  • And much, much more!

Bolster your investment in NetSuite and achieve true Unified Communications by connecting your business systems, telephony and network. It really is easier than you think.

Solution Interact 3.0
SuiteFlex Partner Name ActiveObjects
Categories Call Center/CTI
Pricing Contact ActiveObjects for more information
Web site http://www.activeobjects.com/solutions/interact/default.aspx
System Requirements

Deploying Aware is quick and easy. Our Solutions Team has tremendous experience and is supported by a solid methodology.

Once you are up and running, our Smart Client architecture means that updates and upgrades are done on the application server, not the desktop. Thus, no need to install resource-intensive applications such as TAPI/jTAPI on the client/user PC.

Availability Immediate
Trial Contact Joe Henderson to arrange a live demo or find out more...1.800.241.2637 or 1.314.392.6900.



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