• New User Interface Makes NetSuite the Most Usable Application in Business
  • SuiteScript™ Powers Company and Industry Business Process Customisation
  • New Functionality Extends NetSuite to Wholesale/Distribution, Services, and Software Verticals

NetSuite Version 11.0 furthers NetSuite's leadership in business management. Version 11.0 solidifies and extends its leadership position in providing on-demand business management applications to companies small and large. Users benefit from hundreds of new features, significant usability and customisation enhancements to meet the precise business requirements of their company, and their industry partners, and drive even greater visibility and productivity throughout their business.

Version 11.0 Sports a Completely New User Interface. The new NetSuite UI leverages AJAX extensively to provide a richer than ever, graphical interface to the user with what-you-see-is-what-you-get (WYSIWYG) previews and other interface elements previously only found in Windows applications, making NetSuite the most usable on-demand business application—and hammering another nail in the coffin of on-premise applications.
Learn more about NetSuite usability enhancements

NetSuite Introduces Three Vertical Solutions. NetSuite has leveraged experience and lessons learned from thousands of customer implementations to introduce the industry's first vertical solutions.

  • NetSuite Services Company Edition
  • NetSuite Wholesale/Distribution Edition
  • NetSuite Software Company Edition

Each vertical edition is complemented with a best practice professional service implementation methodology and customisation services.
Learn more about NetSuite vertical editions

SuiteScript Powers Business Process Customisation. Version 11.0 introduces a major advancement in SuiteScript—a complete business process and automation scripting platform that allows for complete flexibility in managing complex transactional processes.
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NetSuite Version 11.0 will be delivered to customers in phases beginning in May 2006 and continuing through June 2006. Stay tuned for further announcements regarding this extensive product release.

NetSuite—the Most Usable Application in Business
NetSuite pioneered the use of AJAX within on-demand business applications with real-time Dashboards and today, extends that leadership to further leverage AJAX throughout the application, delivering the most usable business application on the market.

11.0 Dashboards Power Even Greater Productivity

  • The Gold Standard in Dashboards Goes Platinum. All portlets on a Dashboard can now be expanded or collapsed individually, allowing for just-in-time data access and speeding up Dashboard loading even more. Graphical report snapshots and trend graphs have been enhanced to make them extremely easy to read. Bar graphs include data on each bar on mouse-over while allowing drill down to a specific bar for more details, or the complete summary report for more data. Every Dashboard now also has a "Create New" bar that links directly to the most popular tasks, and is fully customizable so workflows can be optimised and personalised to fit a specific role within the organisation.
Building Reports

Viewing Reports

  • AJAX Powers Flexible, User-Defined Reporting. Major changes to the reporting tools simplify the decision making process when working with reports by providing users with enhanced querying and data analysis capabilities. A new dynamic, graphical interface enables users to view report outputs within the report builder exactly as they will appear when run—what you see is what you get (WYSIWYG). The new reporting interface not only provides an improved tool for customizing and analyzing information, it also provides a number of new capabilities to help run the business more effectively such as search within report results, drag-and-drop adjustable column widths, expand/collapse all hierarchical levels, expand/collapse to a specified hierarchical level, pagination-free scrolling through results and greatly improved performance in the rendering of report data.
AJAX Powers Productivity

  • AJAX Enhances Productivity Tools. File storage and organisation is now as easy online as on the Desktop with a new easy-to-use hierarchical tree navigation and expand/collapse capabilities at any level of the File Cabinet folder organisation. Just as in reporting, search results for files are displayed inline, allowing for quick follow-up access. In addition, an all new group scheduler facilitates easy scheduling of service calls or group events with instantaneous, graphical availability feedback, drag-and-drop slider bars for selection of time slots and the ability to add individuals on-the-fly.
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NetSuite Introduces Three New Industry Editions

NetSuite is pleased to introduce the first 3 vertical-market versions in the on-demand industry. The new vertical editions announced today are not generic applications, but ones specifically designed to meet the needs of the wholesale/distribution, professional services, and software verticals.

NetSuite Wholesale/Distribution Edition

NetSuite Wholesale/Distribution Edition gives companies customer facing sales force automation—including quotes and orders—marketing, and customer service processes linked seamlessly with back-office inventory management, fulfillment and accounting processes all within a single, flexible business application. In crafting the NetSuite Wholesale/Distribution Edition, NetSuite has leveraged experience and lessons learnt from over 800 distributor customers, complemented with a best practice professional service implementation methodology and customisation services.

Go to NetSuite Wholesale/Distribution Edition to learn more

NetSuite Services Company Edition

With NetSuite Services Company Edition, firms can now manage their entire client service and business management processes with a flexible, powerful business application—integrating professional services automation, client relationship management, client service delivery, financials, ecommerce, and more. Now services companies can sell more to new and existing clients, manage their projects for high levels of service at lower cost, and manage their entire business for greater profitability.

Go to NetSuite Services Company Edition to learn more

NetSuite Software Company Edition

NetSuite Software Company Edition is specifically designed to manage a software business and the software customer life cycle—from the moment the lead is in the system through the sales process to purchase and on to subsequent renewals and repeat sales. In addition, NetSuite Software Company Edition adds new rich financial management functionality including revenue recognition and usage-based billing that can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars when purchased from niche providers of inflexible applications.

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SuiteScript Powers Complex Business Process Customisation

NetFlex Furthers NetSuite Lead in Business Process Management with SuiteScript. Version 11.0 introduces SuiteScript for automating decision-based, complex and repetitive workflows, complementing NetSuite's built-in end-to-end business process management. This new scripting engine accommodates unprecedented workflow customisation, allowing companies to precisely align business goals with automation efforts. Scripts can trigger based on user events such as new records or changes to existing records, as well as be scheduled to run in batch mode. They can trigger NetSuite standard activities, create or modify data in the system, communicate with external data sources or even string together specific pages into a multi-step workflow process, complete with decision tree branching capabilities. As a result, time-based workflows and escalations such as drip-marketing, stale lead re-assignment and collections escalation can be automated. You can also enforce sales processes or quote discount approvals with complex criteria and decision making evaluated at each step. As an added benefit of SuiteScript, custom code attached to a particular form can now act beyond the current record. For instance, from a sales order, the customer record can be evaluated for days outstanding and only allow a new order to be placed as long as that customer is in good standing.

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