NetSuite Assistants Make ERP Easy to Deploy and Manage

Global CRM Makes International Growth a Breeze

SuiteAnalytics Delivers Real-time Business Intelligence — Without the Data Warehouse

NetSuite® 2007.0 introduces myriad ground-breaking features that make automating complex operations and processes simpler for growing and midsized businesses. With this new version, NetSuite continues its leadership in bringing the power of integrated enterprise software suites to midsized businesses without the complexity and enormous expense associated with traditional solutions such as SAP.

NetSuite 2007.0 will be rolling out to customers over June, July and August. Please contact customer support for more information.

While NetSuite 2007.0 encompasses hundreds of new features, it focuses on three key functional areas to bring together the power required to run a midsized business, with the ease of use and management to make complex activities simple and low-cost:

  • Easy ERP – New NetSuite Assistants make the setup, data import and ongoing administration of complex tasks simple. In addition, new NetSuite Assistants for complex functional ERP areas, such as multi-dimensional product configuration matrix items and transactional form layout, significantly improve productivity across the business.

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  • NetSuite Global CRM and PRM – With NetSuite 2007.0, the management of complex global sales operations becomes simple. Quotas, contacts forecasts, orders and commissions can now be managed on a per-country basis in local currency. In addition, all countries can then roll-up into a single dashboard for a consolidated global view across the entire organisation.

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  • SuiteAnalytics – While other solutions require the added cost of complexity of third-party data warehousing tools to gain insight into business data, NetSuite continues its leadership in real-time analytics by adding new business intelligence capabilities including performance scorecards, and incorporation of Excel-like formulas within any NetSuite scorecard, saved search, or report.

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Zach Nelson, CEO NetSuite, on NetSuite 2007.0:
"From the day of our founding, NetSuite has focused meeting the needs of midsized companies by combining powerful functionality with ease-of-use to facilitate growth, productivity, and actionable business intelligence for growing and midsize businesses," said NetSuite CEO Zach Nelson. "NetSuite 2007.0 is an amazingly powerful offering that makes it easy for midsized companies to manage the complexity of running their operations, and our SaaS delivery model eliminates the pain of running software."

Denis Pombriant, Managing Principal of Beagle Research Group, on NetSuite 2007.0:
"NetSuite has identified one of the key niches in the on-demand market, linking together front and back office applications to provide end-to-end business solutions," said Denis Pombriant, managing principal of Beagle Research Group. "The successful combination of power and ease gives mid size companies the simpler tools they need to support their complex operations and that can be a powerful tool for growth, enabling midsize companies to compete with larger rivals on a more even footing," he said.



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