NetSuite Business Operating System (NS-BOS) provides a Software as a Service (SaaS) application development platform for software developers, ISVs and VARs, to create industry specific applications targeting all spectrums of vertical markets.

NetSuite's Business Operating System (BOS) provides a unique development environment for the creation of business applications that are both created on and complement the power of one system: NetSuite. The BOS platform provides more than access to an underlying infrastructure; it provides access to an award-winning set of business management functionality. A rich set of development and testing tools allow developers to develop new applications and whole vertical solutions using this core NetSuite platform.

SaaS Infrastructure

  • The NS-BOS multi-tenant, always-on architecture removes set-up costs/time and on-going maintenance.
  • NS-BOS provides world class security and availability with 99.5% uptime guaranteed.
  • With anytime, anywhere access, NS-BOS is the ideal environment for distributed development and global application business usage.
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  • NetSuite is the core business application for NS-BOS, providing business process management and serving as the system of record.
  • The NetSuite complete suite of accounting/ERP, CRM, and ecommerce eliminates the need for integration between disparate systems.
  • NetSuite and SuiteFlex Partner industry editions embed best practices from developer and channel partners.
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  • NS-BOS provides the complete SuiteFlex toolkit for business process customisation and verticalisation.
  • SuiteFlex customisation is simpler than competitive toolkits because it's based on industry standards and emphasizes "click not code" system tailoring.
  • Customisations and extensions to NetSuite migrate seamlessly with each upgrade putting an end to the headaches and heartaches of application development and maintenance — a true breakthrough in application development.
  • NEW SuiteScript D-Bug
    • SuiteScript D-Bug is the first real-time, web-based interactive debugger to allow code validation and testing as third-party applications run on the application server.
    • Unlike most if not all SaaS development environments that support testing of third-party applications on client machines, SuiteScript D-Bug enables third-party applications to be tested in an actual server environment against live data, allowing developers to see and correct the behavior exhibited by the application in real-world conditions.
    • SuiteScript D-Bug promotes the health of third party SaaS applications.
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  • NS-BOS empowers application one-to-one and one-to-many distribution with SuiteBundler.
  • SuiteBundler, the NetSuite Service-as-Software enabler, has revolutionised software by automating reusability of customisations and extensions.
  • NetSuite's breakthrough SuiteBundler technology allows ISVs, VARs and SIs to productize their industry expertise, create vertical solutions, and distribute them in a repeatable, cost efficient manner.
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NS-BOS is the Platform of Choice for Functional and Vertical Development

SPS Commerce
"Using NS-BOS, within weeks SPS was able to create and test its robust integration adaptor for NetSuite, and deliver it to our joint customers for immediate use. This rapid turnaround would not be possible with traditional software solutions. It is only possible in a pure SaaS environment and development platform such as NS-BOS."

"With the NetSuite Business Operating System, we have created a truly real-time approach to DCAA compliance."

"The combination of NS-BOS and Total Commerce Management for NetSuite has helped to redefine the way in which businesses can manage these multiple, complex challenges while combining "best practices" from across the entire business environment, letting them work effectively together in a single business system."

Harbour Mastery
"NetSuite had the core global capabilities and SuiteFlex gave us the tools to customize and extend NetSuite to the requirements seaports and their clients need for their operations and management. SuiteBundler allows us to readily deploy i-Seaports in a repeatable manner to all customers."

Iron Solutions
"NetSuite is an ideal platform for industry-specific rich data and vertical applications to grow and flourish."


"SuiteFlex customisation and SuiteBundler distribution capability is a compelling combination — allowing us to provide the flexibility to meet a wide range of customer requirements for both usability and functional needs."


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