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In so many ways, on-premise ERP/Financial systems lag behind. They're costly to maintain, and often require a complex IT infrastructure. Because the data is siloed, you'll never get a complete real-time picture of what's happening across the business and your supply chain.

Worse still, you won't know what data is missing. So making an informed decision isn't just hard — it's impossible.

And those enhancements and customisations you make to suit your needs? Come the next major software release, you're back to square one.

For next-generation business leaders, there is a better way.

Next-generation cloud ERP from NetSuite provides the speed, visibility, 'anytime, anywhere' access, flexibility and scalability to take your business to the next level and beyond.

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NetSuite users describe their positive experiences with cloud ERP

YouGov loves getting consolidated business information fast, with an integrated view across financial, sales and accounts.

Mimecast used NetSuite to support 20x growth internationally, with the ability to turn on new countries "practically with the flip of a switch".

Trunki switched from Sage to NetSuite cloud ERP and SuiteCommerce to streamline key business processes, boost productivity, and support international growth.

Opta Sports Data replaced Sage Line 50 and multiple spreadsheets with NetSuite, which has powered their international growth by allowing them to add countries with one click.

You know where you want your business to go—we'll help you get it there

Back your vision with facts

You recognise timely information as the lifeblood of your organisation.

You know that only when you have complete joined-up visibility of what's happening can you make truly informed decisions.

NetSuite cloud ERP from NetSuite gives you that visibility, eliminating information silos. See what's happening across the globe as easily as what's happening across the corridor.

Browser-based flexibility means you can keep tabs on the business wherever, whenever, with clear, easy-to-use dashboards providing real-time numbers.

So you can seize opportunities and sidestep pitfalls, sure in the knowledge that everyone is working to a single version of the truth.

And instead of struggling to manage incompatible point solutions, you can focus on your goals — boosting productivity and ramping up efficiencies to meet business growth targets.

Shrink the world,
grow your horizons

You can implement globally in a fraction of the time of on-premise ERP systems, with built-in multi-currency, multi-tax, multi-language capabilities.

Thousands of companies are already benefitting from cloud ERP

Approximately 24,000 organisations across 100+ countries run NetSuite—the world's #1 cloud ERP, and the world's fastest-growing financial management system for four years running*. Whether you currently have on-premise ERP or are ready to choose your first solution, NetSuite is the easy choice for better-informed decisions.

*Calculations performed by NetSuite with data from Gartner report, “Market Share: All Software Markets, Worldwide, 2013,” published on March 28, 2014.

Switching to NetSuite is

Don't let the past hold you back

Whatever your business size, whatever on-premise ERP platform you're using now — you'll benefit by switching to NetSuite.

What looked like a big decision has turned into a safe choice for thousands of satisfied customers who have migrated to the cloud with NetSuite.

We make it easy and hassle-free. Currently using Sage? Click here, and learn how easy it is to switch.

Flexible, scalable, adaptable

There's much more to NetSuite than just financials

In one integrated suite, NetSuite cloud ERP provides real-time business intelligence, accelerates business processes, gives a 360° view of your whole business and reduces IT costs by up to 50% with browser-based anytime, anywhere capability.

But that's only part of the story. Follow the links to learn how easy it is to add additional solution modules as a logical extension of NetSuite ERP.

Did you know?

It's easy to transform your business operations with one unified system in the cloud, spanning financials, order management, CRM and ecommerce.

Discover the benefits of integrated business software

NetSuite CRM+ – complete customer lifecycle management, from marketing automation and opportunity management, to upsell, quote, and order management, through to customer service. Learn more

NetSuite SuiteCommerce — a seamless commerce platform that allows you to create a great shopping experience and deliver it across any site, any device, any country and supporting any business model (B2B, B2C or both!), all tightly integrated with inventory and order management, CRM, marketing and financials. Learn more

NetSuite OneWorld – comprehensive global business management across ERP, CRM and ecommerce, including financial consolidation, local tax management and accounting regulations and global to subsidiary visibility in a single cloud solution. Learn more

Do you want your ERP solution to do all of this…

  • Streamline and automate business processes
  • Cut financial close times and quote-to-cash cycle times by up to 50%
  • Drive down invoicing costs by up to 75%
  • Run your business anytime, anywhere with real-time visibility across the organisation
  • Eliminate IT hassles and reduce total cost of ownership by up to 50%

Top five signs you're ERP-ready

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