Success Stories for NetSuite Wireless Customers

Sales force automation and improved customer relationship management has proved the driver for the first wave of NetSuite's mobile customers. Here are three stories of NetSuite customers who recently selected one of NetSuite three wireless partners to mobilize their teams:

  • One customer, a leading paint retailer and one of NetSuite's largest installed customers, has deployed Antenna's mobile solution to provide up-to-the-minute stock information, eliminate manual and paper-based processes and simplify the quotation and order process for 500 sales representatives. The company expects to increase worker productivity by one-third and improve responsiveness to customers as a result of the mobile solution.
  • In addition, two industrial manufacturing companies — one a large enterprise with 400+ mobile workers and the other an SMB with fewer than 50 users — have also chosen Antenna Software to mobilize their NetSuite application. In spite of their difference in size, both companies had similar business drivers for a mobile solution: improved visibility into the pipeline, increased forecasting accuracy, faster order capture, and streamlined sales processes.
  • JTG Pro, a financial service provider specializing in home financing, went to NetSuite partner Explore Mobile for its mobile support for NetSuite. Explore Mobile's Field Sales Rep (FSR 3) allows the sales person to search a customer's name on the handheld and retrieve his or her phone number, email, address and other account info from NetSuite, eliminating the need to call back to the office for up-to-date information.

      "The combination of the Explore FSR 3 and NetSuite CRM allows me to access my mortgage files on my BlackBerry," said Jason Gardiner, CEO of JTG Pro. "This saves me a tremendous amount of time in checking the status and following-up as needed. I don't have to track anyone down at the office to do the look-up. Ultimately, it allows me to service my clients better."

Unlike stand-alone solutions for the mobile sales user, NetSuite is the first end-to-end business management software application in the SaaS industry that allows users to run all their key business processes from their mobile devices. Users can place and manage orders, close transactions and sales, and support and service their customers via their mobile and wireless devices. NetSuite's third-party application development partners Antenna Software, Explore Mobile and iEnterprises have extended NetSuite with NetSuite's SuiteFlex development and integration platform to meet the needs of wireless users. The three partners directly provide NetSuite customers with a variety of choices for mobile solutions for devices such as Blackberry, Windows Mobile and Palm Treo. With NetSuite on mobile devices, users can have access to the business application in real-time and run their business as usual while away from the office. For more information about NetSuite Wireless, visit

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