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Is on-premise ERP standardisation
holding your business back?

Today, every organisation needs to perform at its best if it’s to compete effectively. This is just as true for subsidiaries and divisions as it is for corporate HQ. Yet all too often, the move to standardise core systems such as ERP make it more difficult:

  • Costs increase when they should go down
  • Reaction times slow when they should be accelerating
  • And support becomes stretched just when you need it most

Fortunately there’s a better way. Subsidiaries of Global Enterprises the world over are moving their ERP to the cloud..

For subsidiaries – this means they get a solution that fits their unique business requirements and delivers the flexibility they need.

For HQ – it means they get all the insight they require from subsidiaries and provides full integration with their current on-premise ERP solutions.

Find out more. Take just 2½ minutes to watch the video above and then download your free ebook Free at Last to see how you can deliver all the reporting HQ demands with the agility your subsidiary needs to grow.


Ebook: Free at Last