Secure Data Center Facilities

The NetSuite data center is collocated in a secure facility with NetSuite-only access for the NetSuite collocation. Security features are designed to deter, detect, and deny access to unauthorissed parties.

  • Data Center Security
    The NetSuite data center ensures security and redundancy across its operations to provide high levels of security for both the physical and electronic infrastructure of the network. The network was built to meet or exceed commercial telecommunications standards worldwide for availability, integrity and confidentiality. Security features are designed to deter, detect, and deny access to unauthorised parties.
  • Backup Power Systems-Uninterruptible Power Sources (UPSs)
    NetSuite has designed a solution for continuous power. The UPSs are provisioned in an N+1 configuration and support all customer AC equipment. Each UPS battery system is designed to carry full load for 15 minutes without a generator. Emergency generators typically provide back-up power in less than 10 seconds and are sized to support the entire facility at maximum load.
  • Earthquake Preparedness
    The NetSuite data center complies with local and national earthquake codes and standard practices in all seismically classified geographical areas.
  • Modifications to facilities include but are not limited to the following:
      - Seismic bracing for the raised floor
      - Seismic bracing for cabinets
      - Seismic bracing for electrical switchboards
      - Seismic bracing for overhead distribution trays and troughs
      - Seismic bracing for the piping and associated supports
      - Redundant DC power plants that are also seismically braced
  • Redundant Internet Connection
    The NetSuite data center has three 1 GBPS pipes, designed such that any two connections can simultaneously fail without any impact on user experience. This redundancy ensures reliable connectivity with no data transmission bottlenecks to or from the data center.
  • Sophisticated Sprinkler Design
    The fire protection sprinkler system in the NetSuite data center is a double-interlocked pre-action system designed to provide the best security against accidental discharge of water from the sprinklers. The pre-action system interfaces with a fire alarm system. Water will discharge only from the sprinklers that have been subjected to enough heat to melt the fusible link on the water head. This fusible link is the second interlock in the system.
  • HVAC Systems
    All of the air conditioning equipment is furnished to support typical computer room equipment. Steam generating humidifiers and electric reheat coils are provided to control humidity. The collocation room has an 18-inch access flooring system, which is dedicated for air distribution only.
  • Physical Access to the NetSuite Data Center
    The NetSuite secure center collocated within a guarded third party data center. The physical structure maintains stringent physical security policies and controls to allow unescorted access to the collocation areas for pre-authorised NetSuite personnel. The first layer of security includes Photo ID proximity Access Cards. Proximity card reader devices are located at major points of entry and are used to secure critical areas within the overall data center. All perimeter doors are alarmed and monitored. Authorised customers and vendors are required to have a validated palm scan to enter the collocation area. The access control system continuously monitors and logs all entry ways. Access records are stored for reference.
    • Guarded premises
      On-premise security guards monitor all traffic and ensure that entry processes are correctly followed.
    • Photo ID Card
      NetSuite operations staff members are required to provide data center-authenticated photo ID cards prior to gaining admittance to the facility.
    • Palm Identification System
      The Palm Identification System is linked to the access card system. Once the individual swipes the card, he or she must place a hand in the palm scan for final authorisation.
    • Portals and Man Traps
      Single-person man traps guarantee that only one person is authenticated at one time to prevent "tailgating."
    • Video Surveillance
      The data center maintains video surveillance cameras with pan-tilt-zoom capabilities are located at points of entry to the collocation and other secured areas within the perimeter. Video is monitored and is stored for review for non-repudiation.



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