Research Report

The British High Street: Squeezing the Supply Chain

The last few years have proved tough for the retail and wholesale/distribution sectors, but as the economy recovers from the recession, we can begin to look forward to a more prosperous future. However, the retail landscape has changed, and as consumer demand and confidence gradually return, retailers and their wholesale/distribution partners need to be prepared to learn how to navigate today's business challenges.

We wanted to find out how UK retailers are feeling as we move into 2011, so in October 2010, NetSuite commissioned Opinion Research Business to speak to 250 UK High Street store managers and find out. Is confidence finally returning to the market after several difficult years? Or are they bracing themselves for another difficult Christmas and New Year as consumers tighten their belts in the face of fresh austerity measures? One way or the other, there are implications for the supply chain—and in most cases, the wholesale/distribution sector will be expected to react faster than ever before. Read the report.

While we had the ear of the British High Street, we also wanted to investigate attitudes towards e-commerce, which can provide a welcome boost to a retailer's reach and sales. We were also interested in their opinion of the phenomena of social media. With so many consumers now discussing products and potential purchases on blogs, Facebook or Twitter, how are companies harnessing this mine of information?

Download the report to read the full findings, including:

  • How the economic environment is affecting confidence, and how it is hitting the sector's wholesale/distribution partners
  • Where the fast-growing online retail channel is helping and hurting the high street
  • Where consumer trends such as "choose offline, buy-online' and social media are affecting the way the High Street operates.


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