Multi-Device, Multi-site, Multi-Country


Reach new markets and customers with flexible capabilities that let you create multiple websites for individual brands, countries and devices—all from a single site instance and back-end system. With multi-language and multi-currency support, NetSuite SuiteCommerce makes it easy to expand your ecommerce presence to meet customer expectations for an optimised experience without the cost and complexity of building separate sites from scratch and maintaining each site individually.

Key Benefits

  • Extend your footprint by selling through multiple brands atop a single ecommerce platform tied directly to your operational business system 
  • Expand your business around the globe by selling in multiple languages and/or currencies
  • Deliver device-optimised shopping experiences without having to develop and maintain for each device separately
  • Reach a wider customer base by selling on marketplaces like Amazon and eBay, and publishing your products to shopping comparison engines
  • Maintain one unified back-office system to efficiently manage cross-store operations and consolidate all ecommerce business activities.

Key Features


  • Provide customers a branded and optimised experience across all devices including desktops, tablets and smartphones with SuiteCommerce's responsive web design principles.


  • Create as many separate webstore's as you want—all over the world—and manage all the stores in a single, integrated account
  • Give each site its own product set, domain name, branding, look and feel, shopping rules, store-specific shopping carts and "my account" areas for customers
  • Track and report on each webstore's sales activities.

Multi-Country, Currency, and Language

  • Sell in multiple currencies and languages from a single webstore, or set a default language and currency per store
  • Allow shoppers to select their currencies from drop-down menus and switch between currencies
  • Automatically handle local sales tax for multiple regions.

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