Meet Sophie Burton
International Account Manager, Maidenhead, England, UK

I joined in 2005 as a direct sales rep and now I manage a group of account managers who look after customers in Europe and the Middle East. We focus on customer satisfaction and our goal is to retain customers. I really enjoy the variety in my job.

Usually, I spend the first hour of my day catching up on emails and looking at support cases that need to be closed. I will then touch base with some of my customers—some I talk to every day and others once a week. I look for opportunities to find out what's going on with their business and where we can help.

Then I can start to build a plan for them and identify areas where they are not using NetSuite to their full advantage. I work closely with sales engineers to build a demonstration for the client to show them what we can do, such as increase their marketing leads or help them produce better reports.

I also do a lot of linking with other parts of the company to make sure everything is running smoothly and our customers are happy. Customer satisfaction is key. We are their representative so it's our job to maintain a good relationship.

I love that NetSuite is vibrant and dynamic. It's been exciting to see the company grow. And working here has created lots of opportunities for me. I just celebrated my four-year anniversary and I've been through three roles in the company already. Soon I'll be looking to move into a management position. If you work hard, you are rewarded at NetSuite.

Meet Robert Israch
Director, Demand Generation, California, USA

In my role, I run worldwide demand generation, creating quality leads for our sales team. Most of the marketing programs I run are online, so we spend a lot of effort securing a strong presence on search engines like Google and by publishing different types of advertisements through a variety of online publishers.

The first thing I do when I come to work in the morning is look at the numbers. With a few clicks, I can see how many leads we have generated and how many opportunities and customers those efforts brought in. That's one of the things I like most about NetSuite. It's a very results-oriented business and I have the tools to know how I am performing in real time.

Next I check my emails and look at the list of projects I'm working on. I am continually launching new marketing programs and I have the autonomy to experiment and try new things. It could take months in another company to have a new marketing idea approved and I literally launch new programs on a daily basis without company politics and layers of approvals. I identify good opportunities, write the copy, develop the creative, and get the program going. You can run your own world here. It's not that you don't report to anyone, it's just a very entrepreneurial environment.

On a typical workday, I also do plenty of analysis on the various programs I'm running to see what's working. And I'll do some strategic planning and think about what we can do for the next quarter to advance our results and meet our goals. So I'm learning all the time and I get lots of different experiences and opportunities for growth.

I also like the fact that I work with so many different people—from the product and branding teams, to our public relations group and our international counterparts in the UK, AU, Asia Pacific, and Japan. It's a real team environment. People are here because they really want to accomplish something. And we do—we help businesses grow.

Meet Vincent Villamil
Account Management Group Team Leader, Makati City, Philippines

Our team deals with small- to medium-size businesses. We put ourselves in their shoes so we can understand what the best solution is for them. One of our goals is to optimize their use of NetSuite through educating them about the software features. So I am essentially in a support role.

Because I work in the Philippines, I am in from 10 p.m. to 10 a.m. so that we are sync with our customers in North America. I usually come in 15 to 30 minutes early so I can boot up my PC and open my emails. Then I go get some coffee...I drink lots of coffee! (FREE coffee, that is.)

I go through the emails and flag them in terms of what actions are required: Are they pending approval? Are they urgent? Does something need to be reviewed? Is a call back required? And so on.

I start with the urgent ones. I open up the accounts and look at the records. I try and understand what's going on. This is one of the things I like most about my job. I get to use my brain. I have to review a lot of information about customers to make good recommendations.

A big part of my day is also spent on the phone or on email talking with customers. Since I am engaging with different kinds of businesses, I'm learning a lot about how they operate and about how to apply our software.

The great thing about NetSuite is that everything is automated so I can see where my team is at any time of the day. Right now, it's nearly 5 a.m. and I can tell you that we are at 60% of the required tasks for the day. This gets reported via a conference call to my sales manager and it can be viewed any time in the form of an electronic dashboard. This way upper management can see how we're doing and if there are other things we need to be successful. We will be at 100% by 10 a.m. for sure.

Every day, every call, every minute is an opportunity for me to be challenged at NetSuite.

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