Two-Tier ERP: Get the Best of Both Worlds

Run your subs with cloud ERP while preserving your headquarters on-premise ERP investments

Your company is growing with new subsidiaries, new acquisitions and new global markets. You need to run these new entities efficiently and get real-time visibility into their performance—but can you afford a year-long implementation and multimillion-dollar price tag to standardise global operations on your on-premise ERP system?

You don't have to. A two-tier ERP model lets you preserve your on-premise ERP investments in SAP, Oracle or other systems, while equipping global subsidiaries with a more agile, flexible cloud-based ERP/financials system and giving headquarters the visibility it needs, at a price it can afford.

Get Your Two-Tier ERP Strategy Kit

Featuring real-world case studies, independent white papers by Forrester Research and Constellation Research, and a NetSuite two-tier guide, the Two-Tier ERP Strategy Kit is designed to help you assess your options in deploying a two-tier ERP model for your subsidiaries.

In the kit, you'll find how two-tier ERP companies using NetSuite OneWorld experience the "factor of two" with a cloud platform that, compared to on-premise ERP, is:

  • Twice as fast: Cloud ERP can be deployed twice as fast as an in-house system, speeding your growth, and is easier to use and customise for your subsidiaries.
  • Half the cost: Studies estimate total cost of ownership (TCO) for cloud ERP at 50% of on-premise applications.
  • Double the visibility: Built-in dashboards and anytime, anywhere access increase your oversight of subsidiaries, providing for in-country control with global consolidated visibility.

Your Two-Tier ERP Strategy Kit Includes:

Forrester Research

Forrester Research: It's Time to Clarify Your Global ERP Strategy
This industry white paper examines the drivers behind two-tier "hub-and-spoke" ERP strategies.

Constellation Research

Constellation Research: The Case for Two-Tier ERP Deployments
Analyst R "Ray" Wang describes the emergence of the two-tier ERP model, outlines common scenarios and makes recommendations for making the move.

NetSuite White Paper

NetSuite White Paper: Two-Tier ERP: The Best of Both Worlds
Get guidance and best practices for transitioning to cloud-based two-tier ERP.

Case Studies of NetSuite Two-Tier ERP Customers

Learn how some of NetSuite's 16,000 global organisations are achieving greater flexibility and cost savings with two-tier ERP models with NetSuite and NetSuite OneWorld.

Fast-food giant Jollibee uses NetSuite OneWorld to support expansion in Asia and North America, integrating with Oracle Financials at corporate HQ.

NBTY (China) Trading Company Ltd.
Chinese subsidiary of the world's largest vitamin company enjoys explosive growth atop NetSuite OneWorld, reporting to its U.S.-based headquarters.

Get Your Two-Tier ERP Strategy Kit Now


Get Your Two-Tier ERP Strategy Kit Now
Inside the Two-Tier ERP Strategy Kit
  • Why 48% of IT leaders are considering two-tier ERP
  • How 81% believe their on-premise ERP systems are too costly
  • Four key triggers that prompt transition to two-tier ERP
  • Proven cloud technologies for
    two-tier global business management
  • Quantifiable success with two-tier ERP at NetSuite customers.

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