Oracle and NetSuite—Thriving in the Hybrid Cloud

Run your subsidiaries with cloud ERP while preserving your headquarters' Oracle E-Business Suite investments

Your Oracle ERP system has been serving you well as your company grew organically. But now your business is growing internationally with new subsidiaries, new acquisitions and new markets. You need to run these new entities optimally with your corporate ERP—but can you do so quickly and affordably, and achieve the real-time global visibility and efficiency that your business demands?

The answer is a two-tier ERP model powered by NetSuite. The two-tier model lets you preserve your headquarter's on-premise ERP investments in Oracle or other systems, while equipping global subsidiaries with a more agile, flexible cloud-based ERP/financials system.

What Is Two-Tier ERP?

Two-tier ERP allows subsidiaries to customise the ERP to their own unique needs and support their local accounting requirements. It frees remote subsidiaries from a burdensome, hard-to-maintain on-premise ERP deployment.

Keep your investment in your existing Oracle E-Business Suite system at headquarter or corporate level, while empowering your subsidiaries and divisions to innovate with a second ERP system that gives them more agility and better total cost of ownership, with full integration.

Benefits of NetSuite:

Two-tier ERP powered by NetSuite delivers tangible benefits unmatched by any other model:

  • Simply integrates with existing corporate systems

    Enterprises deploying NetSuite can use NetSuite's SuiteCloud Connect solutions for best practices-based integration with Oracle E-Business Suite or leverage pre-built adapters by leading integration partners.

  • Removes the need to place IT personnel on the ground

    Cloud delivery enables you to deploy mature, full-featured ERP without having to hire local IT resources. The entire subsidiary deployment process can be managed from the division or from corporate—lowering costs, speeding deployment and reducing infrastructure.

  • Speeds entry into emerging markets and new products

    In today's fast-moving business environment, "companies within companies" can't wait. NetSuite's global language, currency and regulatory support combined with speed of deployment make it the ideal platform to support emerging and growing businesses.

  • Rapidly deploys to meet the needs of mergers and acquisitions, divestitures and joint ventures

    NetSuite provides quick, flexible and cost-effective capabilities to run the new business while eliminating the infrastructure complexities typically inherent in prior legacy applications, quickly cutting burdensome ties and commitments to the prior parent.

  • Customises to individual go-to-market needs

    Are you developing new product or service offerings different from your existing business, or are you expanding globally? Does your existing on-premise ERP not support innovation and the required processes? NetSuite's customisable platform supports extensive configuration without forcing you into deploying a separate instance or suffering from version-lock.

  • Empowers elastic growth.

    NetSuite's cloud infrastructure enables dynamic growth—there's no need to provision resources in anticipation of demand.

How does it work?

The key to two-tier ERP is NetSuite OneWorld, Asia's first and only on-demand system that delivers real-time global business management and financial consolidation, with local customisation and full integration capabilities with any ERP, including Oracle E-Business Suite.

The real-world success of rapidly growing NetSuite customers like Knowledge Universe, Qualcomm, Olympus, Land O'Lakes and others proves that two-tier ERP is not some future-state vision—with NetSuite it's a practical solution that is driving quantifiable business benefits today.

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