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SuiteFlow: Advanced Workflows

Course Objective

With advanced workflow concepts, you have the tools to support advanced approval routing use cases including sequential and parallel approvals, incorporation of sub-workflows, altering your workflow based on other records, addition of service-level agreements, extension through formulas & SuiteScript, and more. In this two-day course, you examine more in-depth features of SuiteFlow to bring power to advanced use cases. Best practices remain a focus, just as in Workflow Fundamentals.

This course is right for you if you...

  • Are a software developer or consultant who is already comfortable creating business process flows and needs to enhance your skills for more complex workflows.

Please Note: Others may be interested in taking the Workflow Fundamentals course.

Key Tasks Taught: How do I...

  • Incorporate modular design principles in my workflows?
  • Generate approval routing workflows with sequential and parallel approvals?
  • Create entire business processes that run in parallel?
  • Use custom buttons for more than approval processing?
  • Configure service-level agreements via use of scheduled actions and transitions?
  • Support a drip marketing campaign?
  • Alter the state of a workflow based on changes to related records?
  • Conditionally transition workflows and execute actions based on sublist data?
  • Embed SQL and SuiteScript formulas to define complex business rules?
  • Integrate custom actions developed in SuiteScript into my workflows to extend their functionality?
  • Take advantage of scheduled workflows and workflow mass updates?
  • Support versioning of workflows within a single workflow definition?
  • Take advantage of workflows via my SuiteTalk applications and my SuiteScripts?

Duration: 2 days
Price: $1,600 USD

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