Resource Management

Gain Complete Visibility into Resource Management and Skills

With NetSuite OpenAir's resource management software, you can make sure that the right resources are working on the right projects, based on real-time project timelines, and as the project evolves. A comprehensive resource management system, NetSuite OpenAir helps you manage even the most complex project resource management requirements.

NetSuite OpenAir's resource management software gives you visibility into all aspects of your project resource management needs, helping to increase overall resource utilisation and manage and deploy resources based on employee skills, interests, experience and availability.


  • Achieve complete visibility into resource utilisation, skills profiles, bookings and more
  • Reduce your dependence on resource management spreadsheets with real-time tracking of skills and availability and centralised, up-to-date, searchable resource profiles
  • Automate resource management requests and bookings with customisable workflows
  • Manage a single, dynamic, global pool of resources to optimise projects teams, regardless of physical location
  • Accurately forecast staffing needs and improve employee utilisation rates.

Key Features

  • Proactively Forecast and Allocate Resources

    • View and manage resource utilisation and allocation with graphical, interactive reports
    • Use automated resource utilisation alerts to address resource management challenges and exceptions before they occur
    • Drive full-time employee (FTE) forecasts and the staffing process with generic resource placeholders.
  • Streamline Resource Requests and Bookings

    • Effectively track and allocate resources by defining multiple booking types (e.g. requested, confirmed, internal) to match your business needs
    • Allocate resource bookings to specific timeframes to provide in-depth visibility into time management, and integration with Microsoft Outlook and Google calendars
    • Map customisable workflows to your resource management needs
    • Stay on top of changes with automated email notifications for newly created, modified or deleted resource bookings
    • Book resources to projects individually or in bulk with multiple bookings forms or a resource booking grid
    • Enter, modify or delete bookings for multiple resources on a single project via the project booking grid
    • Allow project managers to request specific or generic resources in booking requests
    • Easily adjust, delete or swap resources on bookings based on resource utilisation and staffing needs
    • Create bookings at the task or project level
    • Manage booking requests in bulk with the project booking request grid.
  • Advanced Skills Tracking and Searching

    • Assemble advanced skills profiles for resources with demographic information, interests, experience, language expertise, work preferences, proxy capabilities, leave accrual rules and more
    • Create and manage custom skill sets to match your requirements
    • Tailor views of your resources' skills profiles with custom filters of specific parameters, or see all resources at once
    • Conduct advanced resource searches to find the right people based on multiple factors including availability and skills
    • Quickly filter lists of resources based on a single attribute, such as skill, education, department or job code
    • Flexibly view and search all active and inactive resources, including contractors and other specialty resources
    • View resource utilisation in calendar view and graphical booking chart view.

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