Supply Chain and Inventory Management

Purchasing and Vendor Management

NetSuite's purchasing and vendor management capabilities reduce spending on goods and services, streamline procure-to-pay processes, and ensure compliance with corporate policies.

You gain complete visibility into the whole procure-to-pay process, enabling a clear perspective on spending throughout the whole organisation. Through a self-service Employee Centre, employees can open and track purchase orders and other transactions themselves, improving productivity. Automatically routed approvals eliminate unnecessary spending while enforcing corporate policies. NetSuite's self-service vendor portal reduces the time spent handling vendor inquiries and makes it easier to do business with your organisation.


  • Gain complete visibility into spending with role-based dashboards and reports
  • Eliminate maverick spending with strong purchasing and approval processes
  • Improve employee productivity by eliminating manual processes
  • Improve collaboration with vendors with a self-service portal that allows them to check on inventory levels as well as the status of purchase orders and other transactions.


  • Get Complete Visibility into Spending

    • Get a complete real-time view into your procure-to-pay process with role-based dashboards and reports
    • Track costs and eliminate errors by monitoring the entire business process flow through purchasing, receiving and account payables
    • Reduce spending on goods and services with analytics that enable you to identify savings opportunities immediately, view spending against budget, and trends across departments.
  • Eliminate Maverick Spending

    • Allow employees to create and track the status of purchase requisitions and orders through a self-service Employee Centre that eliminates paper-based forms and associated errors, freeing your staff up for higher-value activities
    • Enforce strong approval processes with automatic approval routing and digital approvals, which helps you eliminate maverick spending
    • Generate purchase orders automatically once reorder points have been reached
    • Create a complete purchasing audit trail that ensures accountability.
  • Manage Vendors Efficiently and Cost Effectively

    • Establish and maintain strong vendor relationships while reducing inquiries to your finance department with an integrated Vendor Centre that provides vendors with self-service access to purchase orders, accounts payable data and other key documents¬†¬†¬†
    • Save time and money by centralising vendor contracts and enforcing contracted pricing.
  • Integrate the Entire Procure-to-Pay Process

    • Save time and resources by integrating procurement with related finance processes, so that you can track approved purchase orders through to receiving and then transfer them to accounts payable
    • Centralise customer, product, vendor and contract information.

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