Shipping and Fulfillment

Save Money and Drive Customer Satisfaction by Automating Your Fulfillment Process

Shipping and Fulfillment

Are you facing order fulfillment challenges posed by multiple channels, increasing order volume or mounting shipping costs? NetSuite's completely integrated shipping and order fulfillment management can streamline your business, improve customer satisfaction and add revenue to your bottom line.

NetSuite is integrated with top shipping carriers, allowing you to manage all of your shipping needs from within NetSuite. You'll have access to up-to-date shipping rates, increasing efficiency and lowering your fulfillment order processing costs. This shipping carrier integration also automates onerous tasks such as bulk fulfillment and label printing.

NetSuite provides a seamless business process from quote to order processing to fulfillment—with complete centralisation of customer, order, invoice and shipping information—helping you dramatically reduce fulfillment errors and eliminate the costs of reconciling shipping information.


  • Fulfill orders faster—and have happier customers—with a seamless business process from quote to order processing to fulfillment
  • Lower your shipping costs with preferred rates from select carriers
  • Eliminate manual re-entry and unnecessary shipping errors with NetSuite's shipping automation and integration with top shipping carriers
  • Provide webstore customers with the latest shipping rates, enhancing their experience on your site
  • Allow customers to track their own order and delivery status.

Key Features

  • Automate Shipping Processes with Out-Of-The-Box Integration with Top Shipping Carriers

    • Automate and streamline common and time-consuming order processing and shipping tasks such as getting rates, printing labels and customs documentation, tracking delivery status and much more
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  • Provide Customers with Self-Service Features

    • Improve customer satisfaction and reduce customer support costs by providing customers with online access to order and payment history, as well as shipment status.
  • Reduce Order Processing and Fulfillment Errors

    • Eliminate manual re-entry and order processing errors through NetSuite's complete integration of order and fulfillment management, logistics tracking, shipping and customer service
    • Easily reconcile tracking and delivery information while saving time and resources thanks to centralised customer, quote, order, invoice and shipping information.
  • Power Your Business with Advanced Order Fulfillment Management

    • Use powerful dashboards and reporting to gain complete real-time visibility into your fulfillment management performance
    • Evaluate operational efficiency with advanced reporting tools such as inventory turnover reports and inventory back-order reports
    • Reduce fulfillment errors by electronically routing orders to suppliers for drop shipping
    • Improve your returns process with integration between order management and return merchandise authorisation (RMA).

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