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Incentive Compensation Management

NetSuite's incentive compensation management functionality lets you quickly deploy sales commission programs aligned with the needs of your business.

Sales teams gain visibility into current sales incentive programs, while getting a clear view into where they stand for actual and projected commissions. Accurate sales compensation calculation ensures that the sales team spends more time selling and less time double-checking their commissions.

Flexible sales compensation management frees up the sales operations team from time-consuming sales incentive plan construction as well as time spent researching and resolving sales disputes. Dashboards and reports provide comprehensive visibility into many organisations' largest costs—the sales commission budget—allowing you to optimise sales commission spending and effectiveness. And because NetSuite incentive compensation management is integrated with all other NetSuite functions, closed sales orders flow automatically into the incentive—calculation engine, and approved payments flow through to payroll as a seamless business process, eliminating manual processes and the risk of errors.


  • Reduce sales "shadow accounting" and improve retention by reducing sales commission errors
  • Improve sales operations productivity with simplified compensation management
  • Motivate your sales force by easily creating new sales incentives
  • Get better bang for the buck from the commission budget by analysing sales commission spend.


  • Flexible Incentive Compensation Management

    • Configure sophisticated sales commission rules based on quotas, sales, quantity, profitability and other criteria
    • Set flexible commission schedules—monthly, quarterly, bi-annually or annually
    • Make changes to sales compensation plans as required; NetSuite will recalculate retroactive commissions automatically, based on your new parameters
    • Manage sales commission and splits in team-selling situations: sales people can simply list their contribution, and that amount is then used to calculate the correct sales commission
    • Drive quotas, forecasts and sales commission plans using additional metrics that map to the way sales forces are actually managed, with multiple quotas and multiple forecasts
    • Support a global sales force with NetSuite OneWorld, using multiple currencies to payout commissions
    • Provide for user-defined quotas in addition to standard sales quotas
    • Support multiple levels of approval routing
    • Ensure that commissions and credit rules align with how you do business by supporting sales commission rules for sales managers at all levels in the organisation based on the sales of their reports.
  • Improved Sales Visibility and Alignment

    • Allow salespeople to forecast their earnings and see summary detail commission reports integrated into their sales dashboard and sales force automation (SFA) activities
    • Simplify compensation management for your channel—even allow partners to view their sales commissions in the online Partner Center
    • Ensure that sales, sales operations and finance can monitor sales trends, quota performance, attainment distributions, summary and detailed compensation using role-based, real-time dashboards and reporting.
  • Full Back-office Integration

    • Simplify integration with NetSuite's order management functionality so that when sales representatives turn sales quotes into orders, approved orders flow seamlessly into the incentive compensation management module—reducing manual processes and errors
    • Streamline back-office processes—from sales commission calculation to payment—through integration with NetSuite's built-in payroll capabilities, or integrate with your existing payroll solution.

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