Manage a global workforce, keep processes consistent and ensure compliance with Human Resource Management Software—all of your core needs in one place.

Organisations face many difficulties in managing their people, such as managing a multi-generational and global workforce amidst a skills shortage. To stay ahead of the competition, there is a strong focus on retaining the best talent and making sure employees stay motivated.

NetSuite Core HRIS builds the foundation for both administrative and strategic human capital management and empowers your employees, human resources and overall business with complete accessibility, visibility and automation of workplace events. Make it the backbone of your HR technology platform and strategy.


Streamline Core HRIS

Get comprehensive HR management software and streamline processes by offering closely integrated recruiting, human resources, talent management, time accounting and payroll.

Build Confidence and Trust

Develop confidence and trust with strong communication by sharing corporate policies, benefits, employee directories and more.

Simplify Core HRIS

Streamline employee resource management with simple record management and easy on-boarding process.

Timely Information and Insight

Drill across budget, forecast and actuals to see the impact on business performance.


Complete Manager and Employee Self Service

Offer employees an online, self-service employee centre where they can enter and track timesheets, expense reports and purchase orders; manage vacation time, and view pay-stub details (in combination with NetSuite's integrated payroll service).

Unified Self-Service

Beyond just storing information, every profile combines all employee data in one central easy-to-access place storing an array of information, including salary, withholdings, deductions, sick and vacation day accruals, performance reviews, achievements, resume tracking, skills development and more. And, with a single centralised employee directory, corporate calendar and resource library, everyone in the entire organisation has access to data when required.