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Sales Forecasting

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Sales forecasting can often be an unknown to your management team, but NetSuite CRM+ takes the guesswork out of forecasts with real-time sales information, comprehensive visibility into opportunities, and a robust set of forecasting tools. Probability-based sales forecasting provides weighted measurement of pending opportunities, quotes and orders, with the capability to make crucial adjustments as deals progress.

NetSuite CRM+ also delivers a system of checks and balances that triangulates the sales forecast into one single dashboard view.

Key Benefits

  • Improve sales predictability with real-time sales forecasting software.
  • Fine-tune forecast accuracy by developing forecast categories and entering a sales range for each open deal.
  • Overcome inaccurate sales process probability logic, sales rep sandbagging, using "mood ring" forecast.
  • Gain true forecast visibility—not just pipeline—with integrated order management functionalities.


Calculated Forecast

Calculate projected amount, close probability, and weighted amount for opportunities and quotes to deliver accurate forecasts.

"Mood Ring" Forecast

Permit prediction to be captured as an override, without tying the forecasted number to any specific opportunities or quotes.

Multiple Forecasts

Support multiple sales forecasts for comparison to determine their accuracy.