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NetSuite Software Solutions for Retail Management

Retail Management Software Designed to Satisfy Your Omnichannel Shoppers

Shop anywhere, pay anywhere and receive merchandise anywhere—that's the omnichannel shopping experience customers are demanding. NetSuite empowers retailers to meet customer expectations with an end–to end retail management software solution that seamlessly integrates POS, ecommerce, CRM and marketing, inventory and order management, business intelligence and financials all in one single central cloud platform. NetSuite's single commerce platform, allows retailers to gain a complete, unified view of their customers and business to provide relevant and exceptional brand experience while optimising operations across multiple channels and multiple touch points.

Join the hundreds of customer centric retailers who have turned to NetSuite and moved beyond standalone, disparate commerce systems to simplify business operations, reduce costs and complexities—and gain a single view of their customers and business.



Gain Actionable Insights

Make smarter, faster decisions across multiple channels and across the entire organisation with real–time data and role-based dashboards.

Fuel Growth

Simply add new channels, geographies, business models and brands with NetSuite's scalable and flexible cloud-based retail management software.

Streamline Operations

Eliminate costly, error–prone integrations between disparate systems with an end–to–end retail management software solution.

Control Costs and Complexity

As a retail SaaS software solution, NetSuite streamlines everything from upgrades to ongoing maintenance, encouraging your IT staff to focus on business innovation rather than managing hardware and software.


In Store POS

Provide an exceptional omni-channel in–store experience while streamlining the transaction process with a modern POS. NetSuite retail management software allows you to build customer loyalty and empower sales associates with a 360-degree view of the customer and inventory visibility. Learn more


The explosion of internet-enabled devices means your products are never more than a click away from shoppers—wherever they are. Consumers expect an optimised experience from any digital touchpoint, at any time. SuiteCommerce enables you to create an exceptional online shopping experience and deliver it across any site, any device and any geographic location without any limitations. Learn more


Combine siloed sources of customer data into a single repository to get one complete view of the customer across multiple channels and touchpoints with NetSuite's retail CRM software. Capture all interactions, transactions and preferences to create rich and in depth customer profiles that will provide a consistent customer service, as well as personalised marketing and targeted promotions across all channels. Learn more

Inventory and Order Management

Manage orders from multiple channels—in-store, web, call center, mobile and kiosk—all in one place. With real-time inventory visibility across multiple locations, including stores, enable a "buy anywhere" and "fulfil anywhere" experience. With NetSuite's order management cloud retail software, you can process orders faster, have more satisfied customers and less operational costs. Learn more

Business Intelligence

Gain real-time business intelligence across your entire organisation. NetSuite enables you to manage your retail enterprise with key metrics so you can make timely, fact-based decisions with dashboard analytics ranging from inventory and sales reports, to suppliers, customers and marketing campaign ROI. All data can be viewed instantly as key performance indicators (KPIs), graphical report snapshots, trend graphs and KPI scorecards. Learn more

Transform Your Business

Deliver Seamless Commerce

Deliver true omnichannel shopping and service experiences across all channels through a single central retail management software that links ecommerce, in-store POS and order management with your back office systems.

Gain Global Inventory Visibility

Exceed customer expectations to buy anywhere, fulfil anywhere and return anywhere while maximising profitability with a single instant view of inventory across multiple channels and your supply chain.

Generate A Single Customer View

Deliver engaging, personalised shopping experiences and create customer loyalty with a single view of all customer transactions and interactions across multiple channels and touchpoints.

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