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Ecommerce merchants can now offer Google Checkout to their customers as an additional checkout option, while ensuring that the transaction is completely integrated and synchronised with their finance, fulfillment and ecommerce processes. Customers simply choose to pay for their purchase using Google Checkout; NetSuite securely passes the required information to Google Checkout and automatically updates once the transaction is complete. NetSuite ecommerce merchants gain a fast and convenient checkout process that will attract more customers and simplify how they buy, while enabling cost-effective order processing and payment by credit or debit cards.

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  • Attract new leads: Google Checkout users click on ads 10% more when the ad displays the Google Checkout badge, meaning more traffic to your site
  • Convert more sales: A fast, convenient checkout process helps Google Checkout users convert 40% more than shoppers who don't
  • Protect yourself from fraud: Google Checkout provides a strong Payment Guarantee that protects most Checkout orders. When an order is guaranteed, you get paid even if it results in a chargeback.


  • Complete Shopping Cart Integration
    • Enabling the option in NetSuite automatically displays the Google Checkout button next to the Proceed to Checkout button in the shopping cart or on the checkout landing page of the website
    • By clicking on the Google Checkout button, shoppers are automatically directed to Google Checkout, with NetSuite securely providing the items in the shopping cart, the selected shipping option and tax information.
  • Secure, Error-Free Order Processing
    • Once the payment has been completed in Google Checkout, a detailed sales order is automatically created in NetSuite
    • When the Google Checkout order is processed and fulfilled in NetSuite, any order status changes are automatically updated to Google Checkout, ensuring complete synchronisation at all times.
  • Powerful Conversion Analytics
    • NetSuite's integration with Google Checkout also allows accurate tracking of online conversions as well as analysis of revenues that are generated from different checkout methods and channels
    • By providing NetSuite with some basic information about your Google AdWords and Google Analytics accounts, conversion data from your Google Checkout orders automatically gets captured and shared with Google AdWords and Google Analytics.

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