Customer Service Management

Time Tracking

By integrating time tracking within your CRM system, you can streamline record keeping and approvals, and simplify the billing process within your support and service organisation. The result: more visibility and better overall client management. 

NetSuite CRM+ offers a wide range of time-tracking options, even allowing you to establish support billing on a per-minute basis. NetSuite CRM+ time tracking capabilities provide a new level of efficiency and accuracy as your service professionals track time spent with a given client or customer. Only NetSuite can tie time tracking directly to the customer record to ensure better visibility into case management and more accurate reporting. 


  • Keep accurate customer records by managing time within your CRM system rather than in separate systems
  • Automate and streamline the time tracking process, consolidating it quickly for reporting and billing
  • Get complete time-tracking visibility into how your service and support teams are apportioning their time
  • Track time more accurately and use real-time metrics to improve time management practices.


  • Accurately record the time spent on customer service cases, tasks and events
  • Approve the time your team spends on each per case
  • Record approved time and pass it to accounting for billing—all online, and from within the same system
  • Record both reimbursable and non-reimbursable time for more accurate tracking and management.

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