Sales Force Automation

Document Management

Getting your content under control is a key driver to running a more streamlined sales organisation. With NetSuite document management software, you can put all of your key content and vital documents online where they're immediately accessible to the sales teams that need them. NetSuite's document management software lets you manage and publish documents easily and quickly within the NetSuite system and without the cost burden of integrating and managing multiple applications.


  • By managing and publishing documents via NetSuite CRM+, you eliminate the need to store them in multiple systems across multiple departments, saving considerable time and money
  • Storing documents online, rather than on the computers of numerous employees, means that you can restrict access as needed, leading to better internal control of key corporate data
  • Personnel with the necessary access rights can work on documents from multiple locations 24/7, resulting in higher productivity
  • The tight security of the File Cabinet means your documents are always safe, leading to higher confidence in your data.


  • Organise and store content electronically on a per-client, per-project or aggregate basis
  • Publish content internally via your Intranet, externally to your web site, or to customer and partner centers
  • Store content in a central File Cabinet, where you can set up shared folders and sub-folders for a variety of file types, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Adobe PDF and many more
  • The File Cabinet automatically records when the file is modified, and by whom, maintaining a complete audit trail.

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