Partner Relationship Management

Sales Tracking and Order Management

NetSuite CRM+ provides integrated order management to allow channel sales reps to turn quotes into orders with the click of a button.   Partners can place and track orders themselves without the need for your internal sales and support teams to get mired in the details.  And with NetSuite CRM+ sales tracking, you'll get full visibility into partner leads, orders and sales activities, and provide immediate volume and negotiated pricing to partners for fewer mistakes and better sales tracking.  


  • Link customer-facing and order-management functions in a single application for your partner network
  • Give partners the ability to place and track orders themselves, diminishing the need for your own sales and support teams to monitor the process
  • Provide real-time, up-to-the-minute promotional pricing to partners
  • Generate reports on partner-generated order activity with ease and speed, eliminating the time needed to gather the data manually.


  • Enable resellers to place and track an order on the behalf of customers—without having to work through your internal sales staff
  • Give resellers access to up-to-the-minute volume and negotiated pricing, eliminating the concern that your resellers are promising prices or promotions that are outdated
  • Gain full visibility into all of your partners' leads, orders and sales activities; use that data to create customised reports according to the criteria you set
  • Use referral revenue share tracking to give your co-marketing partners credit for leads that turn into sales, and your resellers credit for closed deals.

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