Partner Relationship Management

Sales and Marketing Library Publishing

NetSuite CRM+ gives you a reliable, easy method for disseminating sales and marketing information to all levels in the company and across to your partner network. As a result, you can empower all of your sales and marketing teams to work as a cohesive team with your customers and prospects.


  • Empower partner organisations to sell and service your customers more effectively by giving them access to a full library of sales and marketing data
  • Enable a smooth flow of information and communications both to and from your partner network
  • Create a culture of knowledge sharing, increasing your chances of joint success and profitability.


  • Provide an easy-to-load and easy-to-update online library of vital sales and marketing information
  • Publish sales information, such as marketing collateral, competitive selling guides, presentations, product fact sheets and other sales tools
  • Share your knowledge base with partners, including frequently asked questions, the latest workarounds, and details on resolved issues.

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