Partner Relationship Management

Lead Management

NetSuite CRM+ comes complete with all the lead distribution and partner management tools you need to be successful. You'll track leads and referrals from a single application and be able to accurately monitor acquisition costs and conversion rates.  And with the Advanced Partner Center, your partners will have a complete view into all joint leads, which are assigned to them by pre-defined rules and territories. They can even track multiple leads within the same company separately, getting insight into each contact, conversation and unique opportunity.


  • Manage all your opportunities with ease and efficiency, and stay abreast of your resellers' lead processes
  • Track partner leads and referrals within a single application, enabling you to win—and retain—more customers
  • Monitor acquisitions costs and conversion rates in order to gain a real-world understanding of your and your partners' marketing efforts.


  • Enable your partners to register and track their leads via one, easy-to-use partner management tool application
  • Track leads and referrals by medium (purchase lists, print media, or TV), by types of leads (company size, industry, etc.), or by the promotional offer
  • Analyse conversion rates and ROI by lead source, and view how many leads were generated by each lead source
  • Categorise leads as either unqualified or qualified, and assess the number of touch points needed to move a lead through your sales process.

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