Partner Relationship Management


Forecasting sales activity from your reseller channel doesn't have to be an operational challenge. You depend on your reseller sales and forecast data to be as accurate as your own, so having a single system to cull and consolidate forecasts from all of your sales channels provides you with a more accurate, clearer window into future product and service demands. It also allows you to better identify and respond to market trends and meet customer demands.

NetSuite CRM+ enables joint sales forecasting with your reseller channel, giving you and your partners expanded flexibility and reliability across the entire sales organisation. You and your partners can generate forecasts based on current opportunities, quotes and orders in the pipeline. And only NetSuite can provide executives with real-time sales forecasts, leading to better and faster business decisions.


  • Enable your sales representatives and your partners to provide accurate, up-to-the-minute forecasts
  • Assess how each team across your diverse reseller channel is performing through aggregate reports across territories and teams
  • Pinpoint market trends and anticipate future customer demands, thereby sharpening your competitive edge and strengthening your market position.


  • Improved accuracy of sales forecasts to include projected amount of sale, probability of close, and weighted amount of each transaction
  • Multiple sales forecasting options by sales representative, status summary, item summary, or pipeline status
  • Deep visibility into the channel pipeline to let managers assess the amount of potential revenue that exists at each phase of the sales cycle
  • Reports and graphical snapshots present real-time data on the forecast amount, quota, and actual sales within the company and from its partners.

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