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Web to Lead Forms

Your leads pour in from a variety of sources — web forms, purchased lists, referrals and cold calling to name a few. But how do you manage and make the most of your leads? And how do you track leads as they become opportunities? For most companies, managing and tracking leads in a consistent way remains a key business challenge.

But with NetSuite CRM+ Web to Lead Forms, you have multiple avenues for lead entry, including online web forms that allow you to capture leads directly from your Web site; CSV and XML import capabilities that detect duplication when using purchased lists; and manual entry for leads obtained through cold calling and referrals. NetSuite CRM+ also lets you customise your lead qualification and scoring process in a way that's most meaningful to your business. And by combining lead management with a full view of customer data, you can assess how effective your marketing campaigns really are.


  • Combine lead management capabilities with a full view of your customer data, allowing you to analyse all your marketing efforts, obtain accurate lead conversion rates and better assess ROI
  • Employ lead tracking capabilities to follow the progress of a sale every step of the way from lead to opportunity to final sale
  • Customise the application with "clicks, not code" to tailor the software to your business, not the other way around.


  • Capture marketing leads automatically from your web site, via online forms, imported from purchased lists, or entered manually
  • Deliver captured marketing leads to the right sales representatives quickly and efficiently
  • Set up and apply complex business rules according to multiple criteria—including geography, product area, vertical industry, or timing—using the powerful lead-routing engine
  • Take advantage of activity reports that provide productivity analysis of all sales interactions, including phone calls, tasks, meetings and notes
  • Employ territory re-alignment options to re-assign territories when sales people either leave or join your company
  • Ensure that sales reps are given new leads in real time with email notification, decreasing lag time when following up with customers, and shortening sales cycles
  • Automate mass updates of leads and territories enabling managers to make changes on a global level.

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