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Lead Management

Effective sales lead management comes down to great execution—getting quality leads into the hands of your sales organisation, quickly and efficiently.  Unfortunately, many companies rely on time-consuming, inefficient processes such as spreadsheets and outdated homegrown software for their sales lead management.

NetSuite CRM+ lead management software gives you seamless alignment between marketing and sales, allowing you to manage sales lead generation programs, tracking from the first capture to close of sales, with efficiency and integrity. With NetSuite CRM+, you have all the tools you need to manage the
day-to-day assignment of marketing leads, track leads in real time, and align leads with sales territories according to the changing needs of the organisation.   


  • Improve alignment of your marketing organisation with sales teams and allow them to operate as one
  • Deliver marketing leads faster to improve sales execution and shorten sales cycles
  • Build an end-to-end process that ensures accurate delivery and management of leads from capture to close
  • Automate lead processing and sales territory management to eliminate the need to drill down into each individual record—saving time, money and energy
  • Assign leads based on the business rules you set, eliminating conflict over which salesperson owns which lead or territory.


  • Capture marketing leads automatically from your web site, whether they come from online forms, imported from purchased lists, or are entered manually.
  • Deliver captured marketing leads to the right sales representatives quickly and efficiently
  • Set up and apply complex business rules according to multiple criteria—including geography, product area, vertical industry or timing—using the powerful lead-routing engine  
  • Take advantage of activity reports that provide productivity analysis of all sales interactions, including phone calls, tasks, meetings and notes.
  • Employ territory re-alignment options to re-assign territories when salespeople join your company or leave it
  • Ensure that sales reps are given new leads in real time with email notification, decreasing lag time for following up with customers, and shortening sales cycles.
  • Automate mass updates of leads and territories, enabling managers to make changes on a global level. 

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