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Email Marketing

Email is one of the fastest, cheapest and most far-reaching marketing tools. But how do you use it to best address your target markets? How do you maximise email deliverability? And how do you execute and manage email marketing campaigns effectively?

NetSuite CRM+ email marketing software helps you build and execute high-impact email campaigns—and manage them all from a single system. You can create target segments, develop compelling content and execute campaigns that truly maximise all of your email marketing efforts. NetSuite also provides mass emailing capabilities.


  • Manage email campaigns from creation to execution to measurement in one email marketing software system, eliminating the need to juggle multiple systems or third-party vendors
  • Create and execute high-volume mass emails that allow you to reach the widest possible audience
  • Understand which campaigns worked and which did not—and why—so that you can continuously improve your processes
  • Employ email personalisation to deliver a true one-to-one marketing platform
  • Rapidly create and execute streamlined campaigns that allow your sales and marketing personnel to take full advantage of new leads and opportunities
  • Comply with spam regulations automatically to ensure high delivery rates—and that your marketing efforts are lawful.


  • Take advantage of built-in email marketing software to send virtually unlimited mass emails, eliminating the hassle and excessive costs of coordinating third-party systems and services
  • Use capabilities such as the target group creation, email merge, sophisticated data cleansing and de-duping, as well as wrap-around performance measurement
  • Using built-in reports, analyse campaign statistics and ROI from the start of the campaign promotion to the final order transaction
  • Create HTML or text-only templates directly from within the system; personalise customer emails
  • Give users the ability to opt out of campaigns with built-in auto-unsubscribe features that allow you to comply with ever-changing spam laws
  • Optimise your e-mail headers to reduce the likelihood that email will be flagged as spam, and produce higher delivery rates
  • Track each email marketing campaign to the last detail with up-to-the-second data on who received, read and responded to the campaign.

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