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An Integrated Commerce Solution

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Unlike first-generation commerce systems, SuiteCommerce is natively integrated with the systems of record you use to run your business — financials, marketing, customer support, order management, and inventory and warehousing capabilities. Because of this native integration you are able to adapt more quickly to changes in your business, serve your customers better and use your actual enterprise data to drive merchandising and promotions. This allows you to optimise profitability, reduce operational costs, build customer satisfaction and seize opportunities for growth without spending a fortune integrating your ecommerce with your backend business systems. Further, NetSuite offers both B2C and B2B commerce in a single commerce solution.

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Key Benefits

  • Eliminate costly and error-prone integrations between separate systems with natively unified ecommerce, marketing, merchandising, inventory and order management, customer support and financials
  • Leverage a single data source for reporting on multiple channels and touchpoints to improve business agility, visibility and decision-making
  • Track and monitor sales, margins, inventory and operational performance
  • Drive the right product assortment based upon a range of merchandising options driven by key business data
  • Analyse results and identify trends in channels, stores, suppliers, promotions and customer behavior.

Order Management, Shipping and Fulfillment

NetSuite's full back-end operational solution allows all orders to be automatically processed and sent to the appropriate warehouse location or drop-shipper based on available inventory and geography. The fulfillment operations allow you to pick, pack and ship the orders with high efficiency. A rules-based workflow ensures your staff only reviews orders with exceptions, while all other orders get to the warehouse with no delay.

Cross-Channel Insight

Customers increasingly expect a consistent, relevant experience across any channel they choose, from mobile devices to call centers to your website. With CRM as an integral part of the commerce platform, NetSuite gives you a single 360-degree view of customer orders, preferences, issues, contact and payment information and more to ensure you can deliver rewarding interactions online, on the phone, in a store or anywhere else.

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