"NetSuite's cloud-based model allows us to scale without having to worry about additional IT infrastructure. And NetSuite has helped us grow quickly while increasing our customer service and satisfaction."

eTailers, and B2C

Birmingham, AL


  • NetSuite supported eightfold growth in revenue from 2007 to 2011 with just three dedicated sales professionals
  • Efficient NetSuite Ecommerce solutions have enabled to shift half of all transactions to the Web
  • NetSuite's internal task management, calendaring, and full audit trail have paid surprise dividends in visibility and accountability into all corporate activities
  • able to manage over 500 orders per month with greater accuracy and superior customer service compared to industry rivals with one-tenth the volume
  • NetSuite supports's goal to become a true paperless office
  • NetSuite analytics and reporting enabling to maximize return on inexpensive keyword search terms, resulting in outsized marketing ROI vs. rivals
  • Strong product import capabilities enable to update thousands of products in just five minutes
  • NetSuite's consistent processes and controls enable entrepreneurial founders to step back from daily operations while maintaining commitment to high standards in sales and service.


  • Company required affordable, agile solution to survive and thrive in industry with fierce competition and thin margins
  • Required solution that would support growth and allow founders to focus on strategic goals instead of day-to-day operations
  • Previous systems lacked automation and detailed support for flooring industry-specific needs, resulting in paper-bound processes and many delays
  • Industry suppliers are low-tech, limiting data visibility and further lengthening sales cycles
  • Growth to hundreds of sales calls per day proved unsustainable with existing practices.


  • NetSuite provides superior value, functionality, and visibility compared to other on-premise and cloud-based solutions
  • Highly customizable NetSuite Ecommerce adapted in-house to meet the unique unit sizing requirements of flooring, such as square foot vs. linear foot sales
  • Ninety percent of all sales are drop-shipments coordinated with manufacturers and distributors
  • NetSuite's centralized records and unified database enables any employee to seamlessly interact with customers at any point along the long, considered-purchase sales cycle
  • NetSuite's product management capabilities enable to rapidly update product information in the fast-changing marketplace, from new colors to new case sizes.


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