Ruff Wear

Ruff Wear

"NetSuite has allowed us to focus on our core competencies: designing and developing innovative dog gear, not worrying about running servers, managing backups and dealing with credit card compliance on our own."

Ruff Wear

eTailers, and B2C

Bend, OR


  • Ruff Wear has grown 135 percent since adopting NetSuite, with no increase in IT spending
  • NetSuite managing 200 shipments per day from Ruff Wear facilities
  • NetSuite eliminates duplicate entry throughout the value chain, improving accuracy and saving valuable time
  • NetSuite Customer Center enables third-party retailers to re-order stock, pay invoices, and download media resources through Web interface
  • Inventory turnover and vendor collection cycles improved through streamlined NetSuite best practices
  • Integrated CRM enables faster resolution of customer inquiries and better aligns customer service with corporate-wide goals.


  • Ruff Wear had outgrown its homegrown software
  • Transactional data required manual re-keying and importing, leading to delays and errors
  • Manual processes and network of small retailers slowed shipments
  • Ruff Wear had limited visibility into crucial operating metrics
  • Customer service lacked integration with other key systems, slowing response time.


  • Ruff Wear now manages all ERP, CRM, Ecommerce, inventory and warehouse operations through NetSuite
  • NetSuite partner Oz Development provides crucial warehouse management functionality
  • NetSuite partner JustEnough delivers advanced demand planning capabilities
  • NetSuite electronic document management eliminates complicated paper forms, streamlining processes for new vendors and retailers
  • NetSuite provides up-to-the-minute dashboards and KPIs to executives and key stakeholders.


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