POS Supply Solutions

POS Supply Solutions

"We were initially just looking at NetSuite's CRM side, but after looking further we began to think about integrating our CRM, ERP, e-commerce, and UPS shipping, and realized what a powerful solution that would be."

POS Supply Solutions

eTailers, Distribution, and B2C

Danvers, MA



  • $50,000 savings from productivity gains and reductions in IT spend
  • 50 percent gain in sales campaign effectiveness
  • Supporting 40 percent growth in sales volume.


  • Disconnected sales, marketing, and accounting processes hampered growth
  • Sales and marketing analysis was difficult and slow, limiting success of marketing programs
  • limited financial resources were strained by existing IT infrastructure.


  • POS Supply Solutions chose NetSuite over Salesforce.com and SalesLogix
  • NetSuite selection began with CRM, later extended to cover the full ERP suite
  • The NetSuite Professional Services quick-start program helped import customer data from existing database.


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