Outback Toys

Outback Toys

"With NetSuite, we're running a lot more proficiently. We can see our inventory, see what's selling and what's not, and we can communicate much better with customers. Growth isn't a problem now—it's an opportunity and we can make the most of it."

Outback Toys

eTailers, Manufacturing, and B2C

lititz, PA



  • Outback Toys is saving more than $100,000 yearly over the cost of comparable on-premise business software
  • Even with a 33% growth in orders, the company is saving $25,000 per year on webstore-management staff, and has not had to increase warehouse staff
  • SEO reporting, other upgrades have helped increase webstore traffic by 27%
  • Order-to-cash process has sped up by approximately 25%
  • PCI compliance now allows Outback's webstore to handle credit card transactions securely.


  • Mail-order toy merchant couldn't keep up with growth and high seasonal peaks
  • Needed to improve order processing, inventory management, to keep customers happy and supply chain efficient
  • Company also wanted to transition from phone to webstore, where automated processes could produce higher margins
  • Existing webstore was not PCI compliant and did not interface with business system.


  • Outback Toys chose NetSuite over SAP partly because of significant cost differences
  • Bin-management functions help Outback optimize warehouse stocking to maximize efficiency
  • NetSuite search function helped Outback qualify its entire mailing list with a single report.


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