"NetSuite helped us become an efficient company that's responsive to our customers and to their tastes, which can change quickly in today's market. Our efficiencies have let us cut operating costs by 20%, and at the same time increase larger-volume sales and keep on a steady double-digit growth path."

eTailers, and B2C

Jamestown, NY


  • Afloral saved $30K over the cost of a server-based system upgrade, which contributed to a 20% reduction in overall operating costs
  • Thanks to end-to-end process integration, Afloral now maintains consistent year-over-year double-digit growth
  • Incoming inventory posts to the Web store the instant it's received, compared to a week-long time lag with the previous system
  • Customer access to order status has helped reduce the administrative time for handling customer inquiries by 10 hours a month
  • Automated, multi-level pricing simplifies customer self-ordering and has accounted for growth in larger wholesale orders
  • The company can now promise same-day shipping for all orders in by noon, which was not possible previously.


  • Non-integrated business software couldn't support company's growth
  • Data entry duplication and software maintenance were wasting administrative time and money
  • Manual data interchange between software applications created bottlenecks in inventory calculations and delayed new orders
  • Limited analytics made it difficult to anticipate fast-changing trends among Afloral's customers, challenging because of 6– to 8–month supply cycles.


  • NetSuite's twice-yearly version upgrades remove the hassle—and downtime risks—of conventional server-based software maintenance
  • Robust analysis aids marketing by revealing customer information on everything from which product colors are most attractive to how many site visits a customer made before purchasing
  • Real-time inventory visibility, remote access via laptop or iPhone let florists use Afloral's online store as a sales tool during bridal planning or other customer meetings.


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