Web Services: SuiteTalk

Standards-Based Power to Integrate and Extend NetSuite

SuiteTalk web services integration makes it easy for customers and developers to integrate NetSuite with a variety of applications including existing on-premise investments and third-party cloud applications, and to build website-to-NetSuite integrations or create lightweight custom mobile applications.

With a full complement of SOAP web services across the suite and a framework that supports lightweight REST-based integration, SuiteTalk makes it easy to integrate NetSuite the way you need it most.

Key Benefits

  • Web services integration platform across NetSuite's ERP, CRM and ecommerce solution
  • Supports integrated business processes across third-party systems and NetSuite
  • Real-time transactional and master data integration
  • Enables you to leverage existing skills such as Microsoft .NET or Java
  • Error handling and security that support robust integrations.

Key Features

  • Standards-Based Integration

    • Integrates standard NetSuite records and custom objects with your third-party applications
    • Enables integration using Java, .NET or any other development language that supports SOAP-based web services
    • RESTlet framework allows developers to define their own procedures for the standard REST functions such as POST, PUT, GET and DELETE.
  • Comprehensive Error Handling

    • Sophisticated error handling helps ensure robust, reliable integrations
    • Supports strongly typed custom fields with automatic validation based on the field type
    • Returns exceptions on a record-by-record basis.
  • Powered by a Robust Security Model

    • Manages web service requests by using standard NetSuite authentication, authorisation, session management and encryption
    • Ensures web services operations are restricted based on access privileges
    • "Web Services Only" role ensures users can only access using web services if required
    • Supports security on a per-field basis.


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