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The TurnTo Trusted Reference System is a powerful, cost-effective tool to increase conversion. With TurnTo, you show your visitors when friends of theirs have bought at your site before. This provides an implied endorsement of your site and makes it easy for visitors to get product advice they will trust — without ever leaving your site! Most ecommerce sites can have TurnTo up and running in less than a day. Add social shopping and drive word-of-mouth with TurnTo!

Solution Leverage Social Shopping/Web 2.0 to increase conversions in a low risk, easy to implement, cost effective way
SuiteFlex Partner Name TurnTo
Categories eCommerce
Pricing 100% performance based, with no set up fees and no recurring monthly fees. Charges only when a sale is directly attributable to the TurnTo widget being used.
Web site www.turnto.com
System Requirements Web site using at least some Javascript and/or HTML
Availability Currently fully available
Trial (URL and details) http://www.turnto.com/partners
Technical capabilities A lightweight widget supported by NetSuite



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