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Suite Business Software, Inc.

Suite Software's POS solution for NetSuite offers the advantages of the leading POS system on the market today because it actually integrates with this system: i.e., Quickbooks POS V.6. We chose QB-POS for our NetSuite clients due to it's proven reliability as a stand-alone system, large installed base, wide ecosystem of developers and tools, and it's low cost and ease of installation. Rather than re-inventing the POS system, Suite Software offers the best of both worlds: Quickbooks POS integrated with NetSuite.


Solution POS Integrated for NetSuite
SuiteFlex Partner Name Suite Business Software, Inc.
Categories Application Integration
Pricing TBD
Web site http://www.suitesoftware.com/s.nl/sc.16/.f
System Requirements QBPOS version 6, Win XP Pro or Win Vista
Availability April 2007
Trial N/A



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