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StrikeIron Marketplace Web Services
StrikeIron is the leader in Web services commercialization and providing trusted, reliable Web services for access to real time external data and functionality. The Marketplace includes a vast library of XML-based Web services that can be integrated into NetSuite's business applications.

These trusted and reliable Web services cover a broad spectrum of real time data sources including financial data, company data, customer contact data and verification, ecommerce-related data, and much more. The services also provide access to external functionality such as sending SMS messages globally.

StrikeIron's OnDemand for Excel add-in also enables drag and drop integration of NetSuite's Web Services API into Excel for a live look into the NetSuite system via a spreadsheet. If desired, NetSuite's Web services can be combined with StrikeIron's Marketplace Web Services within a spreadsheet to create an extended, real-time view of NetSuite data combined with external data sources.

Benefits include:

  • Plug and play access to a wealth of functionality and data via external Web services.
  • Faster time to deployment for enriching NetSuite customer and business data.
  • A single location for simplified billing, accounting and usage tracking.
  • Flexible choice of multiple protocols (SOAP, REST, HTTPS, etc).
  • Integrated tools to accelerate understanding and utilization without programming.
  • Flexible choices of pricing and usage models to best fit your needs.
  • Simplified trial registration for easy adoption.
  • Enhanced documentation for quicker understanding.
  • Consistent buying process for easier access and faster utilization.

Solution Solution StrikeIron Marketplace Web Services
SuiteFlex Partner Name StrikeIron
Categories Data Services
Pricing Transaction-based, variable. Please contact sales@strikeiron.com for more information.
Web site www.strikeiron.com
System Requirements N/A
Availability Current, Worldwide
Trial Free Trials Available



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