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SPS Commerce

SPS Commerce's Outsourced EDI for NetSuite provides your organization with the benefits of Outsourced EDI while tying directly into NetSuite. Your company can take advantage of the multi-tenant, world-class retail EDI maps for all of your customers, while creating a single point of integration into NetSuite. SPS Commerce uses a combination of proven technologies and best practices to quickly get you trading electronic purchase orders, advanced ship notices, invoices and any other document required by your customers. Our Integrated NetSuite solutions can also support your extended supply chain needs as well.

By directly connecting to the NetSuite hosted application with SPSCommerce.net, you connect with the largest network of retailers in the world. With over 1,200 retailers currently connected, you will most likely find that your customers are already trading on our network.

With SPS Commerce, you have a single integration point for all of your customers quickly and simply. SPS Commerce has developed business processes for NetSuite that have been battle tested by leading retailers. This allows you to quickly become compliant with all of your current customer needs and any future requests.

For information that is difficult or unnecessary to integrate into NetSuite, SPS Commerce offers the ability to supplement NetSuite with support for online defaults, cross-references, turn-around data and additional data entry forms, all for a predictable, low monthly fee.


Solution SPS Commerce for NetSuite
SuiteFlex Partner Name SPS Commerce
Categories EDI, Supply Chain
Network Existing connections to 1200+ retailers and grocers.
Web site www.spscommerce.com
System Requirements Internet connection
Availability Immediate
Trial Call 866-245-8100 or e-mail info@spscommerce.com



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