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Prospect Insight is an on-demand web marketing automation suite that can show your sales team exactly where to spend its time in order to maximize ROI. Advanced micro-level web analytics allows Prospect Insight to capture all relevant prospect activities, both on and off your site, and help you determine who is showing the most buying signals.

  • Track all prospect interaction — forms, page views, and more
  • Score prospects based on parameters and prioritize sales reps' time
  • Send automated emails (drip) to prospects according to rules
  • Automatically notify sales reps of online prospect activity
  • Use website caller id to understand interest level, pre-conversion
  • Backed up by a six month money back guarantee

Solution Prospect Insight
SuiteFlex Partner Name Pardot
Categories Marketing
Pricing Group: $250+ per month
Professional: $500+ per month
Enterprise: $1,000+ per month
Web site www.pardot.com
System Requirements NetSuite API Access
Availability Software as a Service
Trial (URL and details) 3 month money back guarantee



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