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OzLINK Receiving for NetSuite

Add advanced receiving functionality to NetSuite!

Faced with an ever-increasing amount of new stock to be entered manually into inventory in NetSuite? Wish you could add bar-coded labels as you receive new stock? OzLINK Receiving for NetSuite has two modules that addresses these critical needs, available either as add-on options for OzLINK Shipping, or as stand-alone SuiteFlex solutions.

Advanced Item Receiving
Automate the entry of new stock into your inventory. From the "Receive Purchase Order" screen in NetSuite, the operator may enter a purchase order number, or simply scan the PO Number. OzLINK Receiving automatically pulls up the correct order. The operator then can scan each item, via wired or wireless scanner, and OzLINK Receiving will validate that the item is correctly contained within the purchase order, and add the item to inventory in NetSuite.

Inventory Label Generation
Generate bar-coded labels for inventory items. While viewing an item in NetSuite, the operator clicks print on the OzLINK toolbar. The operator enters the quantity of labels needed and OzLINK Receiving will generate a label that contains the item number in both bar-code and human-readable format. If the item has a preferred location or bin, the label will also list that information. Labels are printed on Eltron thermal printers.

Monthly Subscription with Automatic Updating
OzLINK Receiving for NetSuite is delivered on a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) basis, for a monthly subscription fee, automatically updating whenever new versions of NetSuite are released. This ensures that your workflow continues uninterrupted, with no user action required.

Oz Development is one of NetSuite's oldest and most trusted partners. OzLINK was one of the initial products launched through the SuiteFlex Applications Program and is seamlessly integrated into the NetSuite platform. See what other customers are saying about OzLINK in the NetSuite User Forum.


Solution OzLINK Receiving for NetSuite
SuiteFlex Partner Name OZ Development, Inc.
Categories Receiving

OzLINK Receiving for NetSuite

Available as add-on Advanced Options for OzLINK Shipping, or as stand-alone SuiteFlex solutions

  • Advanced Item Receiving module – $4,499
  • Inventory Label Generation – $2,999
  • $99 monthly subscription fee entitles you to receive continuous, automatic updates to work with the newest versions of NetSuite, ensuring that your workflow continues uninterrupted
  • Subscriptions may be canceled at any time
  • We work closely with you to configure and implement a solution specific to your unique business and fulfillment requirements
Web site www.ozdevelopment.com/ozlink/receiving
System Requirements Microsoft Windows 2000/XP/Server2003/Vista; Internet Explorer
Availability Current, worldwide
Contact Troy Graham at (508) 366-1969 Ext 223, or sales@ozdevelopment.com



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