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OpenAir delivers the industry's most powerful Professional Services Automation (PSA) application on the market today. If your company has a services or implementation team, OpenAir Professional Services Automation software is an indispensable tool. OpenAir integrated with NetSuite lets you automate processes, improve operations and optimize profits.

  • Accurately predict profit margin on projects. OpenAir provides estimates for services engagements using real-time costing data.
  • Keep resources off the bench. OpenAir has the most powerful resource-staffing engine, enabling you to staff the right resources to the right project. OpenAir allows your best people to make the biggest difference to your success.
  • Fix problems faster. OpenAir contains the exact costs and real-time data necessary to calculate project profitability. Understand if you are falling behind and take corrective action before it is too late.
  • Automate invoicing workflow. Decrease invoice cycle time and eliminate redundant data entry with seamless integration to NetSuite's financial system.
  • Benefit from ease-of-use. OpenAir is 100 percent Web-native and runs on all platforms, with no plug-ins or clunky downloads. OpenAir can also run behind any firewall, allowing you to work from any client site anywhere in the world.
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Solution OpenAir Complete Professional Services Automation
SuiteFlex Partner Name OpenAir, Inc.
Categories Professional services automation
Pricing Available through OpenAir
Web site www.openair.com/OpenAir_and_NetSuite.html
System Requirements N/A
Availability Q1 2006
Trial N/A



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