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For small and mid-size product retailers, OnSite's POS for NetSuite system is an easy-to-use, quick-to-deploy and affordable way to automate your point of sale activities.

POS for NetSuite layers on top of your NetSuite account, directly leveraging the entire NetSuite application without duplication of records or transaction reporting. POS for NetSuite consists of a simple, client install on each terminal; no server or special network settings are required.

  • Thin-client application. Simple software install per POS Terminal and centralized NetSuite application ensures scalability and effortless deployment
  • Based on OPOS standards; support for a variety of POS hardware peripherals including Cash Drawers w/keylock, Mag Stripe Readers and POS receipt printers. Various scanner devices are supported by NetSuite.
  • Integration with NetSuite allows transaction auditing, reporting and proper accounting impact on a daily basis.
  • Integration with NetSuite allows reporting and payroll integration via NetSuite's Time Tracking/Time Sheet component. Time Clock in POS for NetSuite provides true employee Punch-in/Punch-Out records.
  • Supports state-of-the-art rich transaction processing including PIN Debit and Electronic Signature capture. Hybrid customer self-service via LCD transaction device and/or Cashier service supported.


Company Name OnSite
Industry/Micro-Vertical Retail/Point of Sale
Solution Name POS for NetSuite
Pricing Visit Web Site and Download Overview
Web site www.onsitetechnology.com/Pos-for-NetSuite.aspx
System Requirements Visit Web Site and Download Overview
Availability available
Trial NA



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