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Inscrybe eSign & Timestamp

Inscrybe™ Office — Electronic Signature and Timestamp for NetSuite® applications

Inscrybe Office is the only web-based service that provides electronic signatures and digital timestamps with the authentication of the United States Postal Service® Electronic Postmark® (EPM) seal. Authentidate® has partnered with NetSuite to make electronic signature and timestamp capability available to all NetSuite users for electronic files and transactions. Now, NetSuite users can conduct trusted transactions instantly, in a secure and legally-compliant manner, locally or globally, on the web.


  • Sign & Send — Send files for electronic signature and "instant delivery"
  • Seal & Certify — Digital timestamps provide a "digital snapshot" of content
  • Verify recipients, users and signers identity
  • Prove signature and content authenticity for seven years

No software to install and no hardware to purchase or maintain. All you need is a web browser and the Internet.

Solution Inscrybe eSign & Timestamp
SuiteFlex Partner Name Authentidate
Categories Electronic Signature Capture
Pricing Monthly Subscription plus Small Transaction Fees
Web site www.inscrybeoffice.com/netsuite
System Requirements Broadband Internet Internet Explorer or FireFox PDF Reader
Availability Currently Available
Trial (URL and details) www.myinscrybe.com
30-Day Free Trial — Pro Version



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