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Harbour Mastery

Harbour Mastery was founded to develop a new generation of interoperable IT solutions that address the need for new approaches to both management and security among maritime industries.

The seaport enterprise faces unique challenges in the 21st century for achieving and maintaining competitive advantage and profitability while addressing the issues of inter-modality, environment and security. What is needed is a Service Oriented Architecture that addresses those challenges.

i-Seaports Management provides a total web-based, ERP, Accounting, CRM, and Ecommerce. This application is developed for Harbour Mastery Marketing by EBS-RAD® LLC on the powerful NetSuite® business management platform.

The i-Seaports solution supports five critical areas of need in Seaports today:

  • Traffic Management
  • Security Monitoring
  • Communications Coordination
  • Financial Control
  • Ecommerce Marketing

i-SeaportsTM provides the web-based IT platform for integrating Sustainable Seaport Solutions
Sustainability is about the combination of flexibility, durability, and resilience over a long time frame. i-Seaports is a Service Oriented Architecture using an Oracle® database, hosted by a highly secure L3® Communications hosting service with XML import/export capabilities. Its web-based, 24/7, on-demand Software-as-a-Service framework is a platform for integration, linking, and customization to deal with anything that can be done over the internet.

What is built in is remarkable.

  • Web-Service Interface
  • Hyper linking to specific URLs
  • Instant emailing and text messaging
  • Telephony for telephone and fax
  • ECommerce web-site managed internally

Company Name Harbour Mastery
Industry/Micro-Vertical Resellers & Dealers
Solution Name i-Seaports
Pricing Contact Harbour Mastery for Pricing

Web site www.harbourmastery.com
System Requirements NA
Availability Available Today



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