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Epiphany, Inc.

Epiphany's dNET is a total solution for the custom audio/video industry, developed from intensive hands-on experience with the top companies in the market. Building on the NetSuite foundation, Epiphany consulted top business leaders to develop dNET to make sure it includes the business processes unique to the custom electronics industry.

Because it is based on real-life experiences from real companies in the A/V industry, dNET takes into account all of the subtleties of the industry. You get a product that you can use immediately, that answers all of your concerns to help you make sales and to bring more profit to the bottom line.

Unlike off-the-shelf software where one size is expected to fit all, dNET is specific to the Audio Visual industry, from preparing quotes to keeping track of inventory all the way through to billing. It gives managers instant access to every part of the sales and installation stream so potential opportunities can be identified early and action taken.


Solution dNet
SuiteFlex Partner Name Epiphany, Inc.
Categories Custom Audio/Visual Industry
Pricing Email sales@epiphanyinc.net or call #713-589-4725 for detailed information.
Web site http://www.epiphanyinc.net/dnet.htm
System Requirements N/A
Availability Today
Trial Call for Demonstration



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